Cluster Champions


Daniel Prohasky is a PhD candidate in SIAL|RMIT School of Aerospace Engineering where he is investigating the multimodal sensory fusion of the thermal environment, our thermoregulatory system and how we perceive our thermal state from the effects of the dynamics in air. Daniel has a multidisciplinary academic background in Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture. His research focus for this workshop is the further development and implementation of physical sensing platforms for advances in the understanding of environmental dynamics in architectural design. Daniel teaches at RMIT University in the architecture and engineering schools in cross-disciplinary Post-Graduate and Undergraduate studies and has lead multiple international workshop clusters including: SmartGeometry 2014 ‘Private Microclimates’ in Hong Kong; ‘Sense and Sustainability’ at the Technical University of Catalonia in Barcelona and multiple MDIT digital design and fabrication studio intensives.


Mehrnoush Latifi is an architect who is currently undertaking a PhD in SIAL, RMIT, where she is investigating the role of geometry, color and material in shaping pleasant microclimate and improving the thermal performance of modular facade systems through exploration  of thermodynamic and microturbulence. Her interest is the design of innovative components such as 3D tiles and bricks for cooling facades and their surroundings. Samples of her innovative designs of 3D ceramic tiles were exhibited in the Embracing Innovation Craft ACT Australia in 2015. She is an architect with several years practical design and academic experience. She was leader of multiple international workshops including the Private Microclimate SG 2014 and the Live Data Hackathon, 2015 Melbourne and will lead a workshop in CAADRIA 2016. She teaches multiple MDIT studio intensives of Designing Responsive and Adaptive Environments at RMIT university. She also has published multiple papers in the conferences like:eCAADe 2014, ACADIA 2014,CAADRIA 2015 and SimAUD 2015.


Dr Rafael Moya Castro is a Chilean architect from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Master of Architecture Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, PhD Architecture and Design from Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) at RMIT University, Australia. Rafael has worked in academia and the private area (Design and Construction Project Management). He has been a tutor in Architecture School at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and Architecture School RMIT University, Australia. Currently he is tutoring in the SIAL/MDIT elective course Flexible 3D modelling for Design and Prototyping at RMIT University. His interest is on technology applied on architecture and design, aerodynamic wind phenomena around buildings and architectural strategies to deal with wind discomfort issues in the outdoor environment and during the early design stage. He has published papers about these topics in the conferences eCAADe1 2012, 2013, 2014, CAADRIA 2014 and SimAUD 2015.