SENSORY DETECTIVES: Accentuating Environmental Perception is a Smart Geometry Hybrid Domains workshop focused on an immersive architectural design experience. We will challenge how we think about the design of architectural elements and their effect on the surrounding thermal environment – how architectural design decisions directly influence human physiological experiences.

Collaborators will fabricate and manipulate the thermal environment through porous elements (modular screens), sources of heat, airflow and moisture. Our cluster will shape the immaterial microclimate by design of material objects; visualise the data extracted data from the resultant microclimate with augmented reality (AR) headsets to develop and elaborate an intuitive grasp of thermodynamics within “space”.

Think of both material and immaterial aspects of the design: mass and void; microclimatic boundaries and thresholds; thermophysiology and human thermal perception. Experience your design at full scale, generate physical thermal attributes – airflow (breeze filtering to inner space), moisture (evaporative cooling) and heat (radiative heat, conductive embedded heating). Make alterations to your design based on what you feel and the thermal variations you can see through AR.


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